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Rice, Sugar, Soya Beans and Oils, Wheat, Animal Feed 

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Brazil    Friday, March 4, 2016
Sugar prices are climbing and currently nearing $ 430.00 Metric Ton on the London Market.

With the sugar shortage in Europe and china buying large quantities of sugar, we can expect prices to continue their upward trend. 

When one considers the increased demand for Ethanol and a potential overall sugar production deficit. it is difficult to estimate where prices will level out.

We are maintaining a level pricing structure coupled with the best procedure of any supplier in the industry.

  • We are offering to produce, load and ship sugar against a simple commitment letter from the buyers bank.
  • The buyers bank has to commit that they will issue a agreed upon security instrument (SBLC) after they receive copies of the shipping and POP instruments for the first of the contract shipments.
The buyer and his bank can purchase sugar in the knowledge that:
  • They are taking no risk because the SBLC is issued against FULL POP.
  • They know the first shipment is underway to its destination.
  • They know they are dealing with a REAL Seller / Producer.
Please do not ask us to change our procedure and do not approach us unless you have / are a real buyer who has already checked with his bank to confirm they are able to provide the require commitment letter.

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Many Kinds of Oil


  • Biodiesel

  • Jatropha

  • Vegetable

  • Sessame

  • Corn

  • Soya Bean

  • Sunflower

  • RBD Palm

  • Rapeseed

  • Safflower

Welcome to Rice Exporters

Based in Bangkok, Thailand gives us the advantage of being amongst many of the major rice producers of Thailand. As a rice importer you will be aware that Thailand is one of the biggest rice exporting countries of the world. Rice from Thailand is renowned for its quality and is considered by many as the best and most versatile rice suiting many cooking variables.
The most well known rice exported from Thailand include: Parboiled rice, Jasmine rice, Long Grain White rice, Glutinous rice, and Broken rice.

A preview of our products

We also supply a range of Pakistani, Brazil and Vietnamese rice.

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Pakistani Rice

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Vietnamese Rice

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Green Lentils


Muang Beans


Soya Beans



 Red / Black

Kidney Beans






Soft Grain Wheat


Hard Red Winter



Other products not displayed


  • Urea Fertilizer   

  • Petro Chemicals

  • Frozen Chicken

  • Frozen Fish

  • Frozen Vegetables

Greetings from Rice Exporters and thank you for your kind interest in our company.

Our company established in 2008, has become one of the leading Rice Exporters from Thailand.
We export all kinds of Thai, Pakistani, Vietnamese and Brazilian Rice, specializing in high quality grades named as Thai Jasmine Rice 92% pure, Thai Long Grain White Rice, Thai Parboiled Rice and Glutinous Rice. According to our respected consumers, our rice is clean, ensuring the highest health standards and is internationally well reputed.

We guarantee our service would provide you the best quality rice at the most competitive prices and the satisfaction of on-time delivery.

We constantly strive to assure Quality Rice. Therefore, we always thank you for your business offer and look forward to serve you as a trusted Rice supplier.

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